Diversi​ó​n, Olivier Penard’s new album

In this new recording, you can hear the String Orchestra of the French Republican Guard, conducted by Sébastien Billard, play compositions by Olivier Penard.

We’re delighted to take part in projects like this, which illustrate our commitment to contemporary creation.

The disc opens with Concert Argentin, performed by the Orchestra with clarinettist Jean-Marc Fessard and pianist Orlando Bass, two musicians with whom we had great pleasure playing.

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With :


Guillaume Barli
Oriane Carcy
David Galoustov
Nicolas Gros
Pauline Lavacry
Arnaud Pieniezny
Guillaume Plays
Lucile Podor

Andrew Burgan
Julie Gehan
Caroline Lasfargues
Fabien Roussel
Élena Rubino


Lou Chang
Laurence Fremy
Véronique Vichery
Marylène Vinciguerra


Sophie Chauvenet
Arthur Lamarre
Clotilde Marie
Frédéric Petit

Double basses

Renaud Bary
Philippe Blard