A look back at … : the Orchestra at the Carcassonne Festival

On July 9, 2019, the  Republican Guard symphonic orchestra performed in Carcassonne, as part of the music festival held there every summer. This concert was given in tribute to the victims of the attacks of March 23, 2018 in Trèbes and Carcassonne.

“The subtle finesse of Mendelssohn, the joyous boldness of Haydn and the solemnity of Beethoven: can we imagine a more beautiful response than music to barbaric chaos which sowed terror on March 23, 2018, in Trèbes and Carcassonne? Certainly not, and the 3,000 people, calmly sat last night in the bays of the Jean-Deschamps theater in the City of Carcassonne, would not say the opposite. Because, under the heavenly vault, the Festival offered, very symbolically, a moving evening of solidarity and tribute, which was one of those magical moments that only the scenery of the city walls can produce.”

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