Our saxophone players in the spotlight

After the clarinet players in March, the saxophone players give us the pleasure of playing a work from their repertoire.

While waiting to be able to listen to them again on stage, you can find the video here.

Very special mention and big thanks to the Cercle national des Armées, which welcomed us in this exceptional place.

Stay tuned, more videos are to follow …



The Marseillaise as never heard before

The Republican Guard Orchestra and the French Army Choir have the honor to offer you an exceptional concert on the theme of the Marseillaise. Besides its original version of Rouget de Lisle, you will hear many works, variations or evocations of the French anthem. The Orchestra and the Choir also accompany the singer Arthur H during this concert filmed at the Philharmonie de Paris.

From Tchaikovsky to the Beatles, via Bolling and Gainsbourg, discover or re-discover the Marseillaise as you have never heard it before!

You will be able to enjoy this concert, originally planned for a school audience, from April 1st, 2021. It will be available online for 6 months, on the Philharmonie Live platform (link on “find out more”).

Allons enfants … and above all, enjoy the concert!

(Pictures : Fabrice Bourdeau – Garde républicaine)



Our clarinet players at the top

Do you like the clarinet in all its forms?

Do you want to discover pieces with only this instrument?

Or are you simply in need of music?

So don’t hesitate to listen to two pieces recorded by the clarinet sextet from our harmony orchestra. Yu can listen to them here and here.

And take a good look at the photos below, you will have a clue for our future video …



A look back at… : the charity concert for the benefit of the Maison de la Gendarmerie Foundation

Since February 16th, the annual concert in honor of wounded or deceased gendarmes in service is available on the official Youtube channel of the Gendarmerie National.

On the occasion of this concert, you will be able to listen AND see the Republican Guard string orchestra as well as two singers from the French Army Choir perform Mozart, Verdi, Brahms, but also Aznavour and Jean -Michel Jarre!

This concert is also an opportunity for the Maison de la Gendarmerie Foundation to collect donations to support the families of gendarmes wounded or deceased in service.

To watch or re-watch this exceptional concert, click below!



Orchestra and Choir latest news !

While waiting to give concerts again in front of an audience, the Orchestra and the Choir continue their activities!

Two auditions were held recently: the wind orchestra will soon welcome two new musicians, one as a saxophonist and the other as a clarinetist.

The two next auditions will take place in February (registrations are closed).

Check our application page regularly, new positions may be available soon!

If you want to listen to some music, here are two videos you should not miss:

  • ten musicians from the Orchestra accompanied Eloïse Lapaille, a young police woman, in a cover of the Hymne à l’Amour (watch here)
  • our six cello players paid tribute to Sean Connery in a cover of the famous James Bond theme (watch here)

Finally, on January 15th, the Choir performed Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 13 (known as Babi Yar) with the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra and the Radio France Choir.

If you missed the live stream of this concert, you can read a recap here

Many projects are underway, including concerts with organ (see here for more information) and concerts at the occasion of the bicentenary of Napoleon’s death in 2021.

Our concerts calendar is regularly updated, so stay tuned!



Discover the woodwind orchestra instruments with the Republican Guard

During this very special period, the musicians of the woodwind orchestra invite you to listen to them, instrument section by instrument section. They have prepared for you, their audience, videos to introduce you to their instruments.

You can now discover the following instruments:

  • the bassoons
  • the horns
  • the flutes
  • the tutti clarinets
  • the E-flat clarinets
  • and as a bonus, a short history of the orchestra!

Go to the official Republican Guard YouTube channel to watch these videos.

Even though they speak French, it is always a pleasure to listen to them playing famous pieces with their instruments.

Other videos are underway, so stay tuned 😉

Thanks to them, and have a nice time listen to them !



A look back at… : the great Radio classique Christmas concert

The Orchestra and the Choir ended 2019 with their great Christmas concert, organized by Radio Classique. During the three concerts that took place at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, the Orchestra, the Choir, but also the Maîtrise des Hauts-de-Seine and the trumpet player Lucienne Renaudin-Vary interpreted great Christmas classic pieces.

Listen to the full version of the Radio Classique Christmas concert clicking on the link below :


Visuel vidéo septuor chœur ménilmontant
Visuel vidéo orchestre d'harmonie Marseillaise

Discover a French Army choir singer’s daily life

Discover the daily life of a lyric singer through the experience of Jérémie Delvert, baritone in the French Army Choir.

If you dream of living the same daily life in this exceptional choir, do not hesitate to consult our page Choir vacancies.

You can listen to the podcast (in French) clicking on the link below




A look back at… : the Orchestra on the Reunion Island

Twelve musicians from the string orchestra and two singers from the French Army Choir are currently on the Reunion Island for a series of five concerts.

Meet with the conductor and the two singers to talk about this exceptional trip and the daily life of the orchestra (in French) :



A look back at… : “Hunting echoes” at the Invalides

For its first concert in the Invalides musical season, the Republican Guard symphony orchestra accompanied pianist Jean-Marc Luisada for a concert on the theme “hunting echoes”.

Find below a detailed report (in French) of this concert:


Visuel vidéo orchestre d'harmonie Marseillaise